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In 2008, Piedmont region supported the 12 innovation clusters constitution in Piedmont in order to encourage the technology transfer between the research word and companies or between companies, through the specifics financed calls in order to support collaborative, research and innovation projects.

Each innovation clusters are focused on thematic areas (technological domain) in the region, dealing with the Smart Specialization Strategies of Piedmont Region (S3), and led by a managing body selected by the Regional Authority through a specific call for proposals.

The Clusters are organized as an Association. Companies and R&D centers, sharing the technological domain of the Clusters, can become members.

On March 31th, 2009, Piedmont Region recognized them as Innovation Clusters:

  • “Innovation Pole of Sustainable Chemistry” managed by IBIS Consortium from Novara
  • “New materials innovation Pole – INNOMAT” managed by Proplast from Alessandria
  • “Polo of Renewable Energies and Biofuels – POLIBRE” managed by Science and Technology Park from Valle Scrivia – Tortona (P.S.T. S.p.A.)

Considering that the 3 Clusters share the same chemical matrix, since September 2016, Piedmont Region Authorities approved the fusion in a unique Association denominated CGREEN – Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials, co-managed by IBIS Consortium, Proplast Consortium and P.S.T. S.p.A.

Each Cluster, with different headquarters in Piedmont, represents the unique and exclusive benchmark for the Region in its field of specialization.

CGREEN – Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials (Alessandria, Novara, Tortona), CLEVER – Cleantech and Energy Innovation Cluster (Torino, Vercelli), MESAP – Mechatronic Cluster (Torino), ICT Cluster – Information and Communication Technologies (Torino), BiopMed – Life Sciences and Health Innovation Cluster (Ivrea), Agrifood – Food technologies (Cuneo), Po.In.Tex. – Textile Cluster (Biella)

Managing bodies