Strategic Agenda

The area of ​​activity of the CGREEN Hub is delimited, from a technical-scientific point of view, by a perimeter of actions united by two fundamental objectives:

Sustainability (environmental, economic and social), pursued in carrying out chemical activities and related products.

Performance (technical and environmental aspects of materials), pursued in carrying out activities on materials and processes connected to them.

Advanced Materials & Processes

Advanced Materials

Innovative solutions for packaging materials: improved performance of the packaging, active and intelligent packaging, food safety, traceability

Innovative materials for energy and storage fields applications

Innovative materials and technologies for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical/biomedical sectors

Innovative materials for electrical and electronic sectors

Innovative materials and technologies for the additive manufacturing

Innovative materials and processes for the lightweight and the incorporation of new functionalities into products


Surface treatments with improved performance and high functionality

Improving production processes by smart technologies in the green chemistry and advanced materials (Industry4.0)

Eco-sustainability & Green Chemistry


Eco-sustainability of materials, processes and products for reduced environmental impact

Replacement of materials or hazardous substances in products and processes

Biogas purification and upgrading to biomethane

Innovation, efficiency and sustainability of the biomass supply chain

Renewable energy management with power grid exchanges

Sustainability of processes and efficient resources management in the circular economy

Eco-design application techniques

Critical raw materials replacement/recycling



Valorisation of plant biomass, by-products and waste in order to obtain bio-based products

Recycling and valorisation of waste materials and products

Extracting high value-added products from waste materials

Solutions and technologies for treatment and conversion of biomass, by-products and waste for biofuel production and/or energy and heat production

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