Newsletter CGreen – December 2023


The Piemonte Innovation Clusters’ Regional System has organized a series of B2B, divulgative and networking events, useful for the preparation of collaborative projects. The events are focused on the digital, the green, and the health&food sectors on which R&D calls are based.

During the final event “L’innovazione si racconta”, companies belonging to the Piemonte Innovation Clusters’ Regional System had the opportunity to tell actually the projects based on the regional value chain. Moreover, Piemonte Innovation Clusters showed the initiatives of funding opportunities related to research and innovation projects.

As part of NODES – Nord Ovest Digitale E  Sostenibile project, training courses have been planned for companies interested in deepening the issues related to plastic materials and industrial applications. In addition, several webinars and divulgative events were organized explaining to the companies the opportunities on cascading calls fundings.

EVA+, a project financed by the Valle d’Aosta Region, held training courses for companies working in the sustainable and the smart utilities areas. We also participated in the “Demo Day event”, that has been organized to bring together “the best” Aosta Valley startups and to discover innovative projects presented by companies, research centres and stakeholders in the region.

The Stampaggio plastico “zero difetti” seminar aimed to respond to the new trends in fully automated and interconnected production, with equipment and machinery with multiple functions. In this context, the approach of the seminar was practical and functional to the Smart Manufacturing development.

In order to promote the development and competitiveness of the region, Green Cluster organized a Pitch Event, a networking situation focused on the presentation of R&D calls at regional, national, and European level. In addition, during the morning the partners of the projects related to the PRISME and PASS Piedmont Region calls have presented the results obtained.