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Gentle Adherents,

We inform you about an initiative of the Piedmont Region, which also intends to involve the Innovation Poles and the participating companies.

The Piedmont Region is organizing “Open Factories“, an initiative of opening to the public of the industries of Piedmont. The event envisages the extraordinary opening of some significant places of industrial production of our territory on Friday 27 and Saturday 28, October 2017.

The industries associated with the Innovation Poles have the opportunity to participate in the event by making a visit concerning, for example, specific projects or activities achieved or being implemented. Visits can be organized and managed by individual companies, based on their needs and availability.

The announcement of the event and the collection of reservations will be organized by the Piedmont Region.

We provide the following material: information sheet and questionnaire (inclusive of membership form section). Participants who want to take part will have to complete the application form and the short questionnaire attached, to be returned to the e-mail address gabinettopresidenzagiunta@regione.piemonte.it and in contact with giovanni.amateis@regione.piemonte.it preferably by 15 September 2017.

If this date could not be respected, it is important to give an account of the interest in participating in the initiative.

For information and inquiries, please contact: