Proplast and PST together for Open Factories 2018

The PROPLAST consortium together with the PST – Science and Technology Park in Valle Scrivia and other 4 excellences of the territory, participates to the initiative “Piemonte OPEN FACTORIES 2018” promoted by the Piedmont Region.

We are proud to open our doors on October 26th to all Piedmontese citizens to tell how a plastic product is created thanks to the use of innovative technologies and the constant research of new biopolymers to build a more sustainable future in everyday objects.

On the same day the Science Park will be illustrated, together with its purposes and which organizations are hosted; later it will be possible to visit some of the established companies that, like Proplast, believe in innovation and doing business in Piedmont:

EUROTEK SRL to find out how innovative equipment, systems and antennas for radio and television applications are designed and built.

IDEALPACK SRL to find out how innovative solutions for a functional, practical and sustainable packaging are conceived, developed and industrialized.

SINA SPA to find out how the construction materials of roads, bridges and tunnels are tested to ensure the safety, functionality and durability of the infrastructures.

SMART FACTORY SRL to discover how flexible automation machines for the latest generation assembly are developed and produced in line with the Industry 4.0 requirements.

The visits can be booked online