S3-4AlpClusters Project

Progetto s3-4AlpClusters

Smart Specialisation Strategie to build an Innovation model for Alp Clusters (S3-4AlpClusters)

The Smart Specialisation concept is a lever of EU Cohesion Policy.

Several EU regions developed Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3).

Challenge is to implement S3 through clusters to gain sustainable and incl. growth generating critical mass. No many experiences exist due to lack of knowledge about S3 in other regions.

Implementation tools must be developed to fully benefit SMEs. The objective is to improve framework conditions for innovation induced by clusters and SMEs and to create new jobs.

S3 implemented by clusters is an innovative approach that improves innovation in the Alpine Space.

Cross-regional approach supports coordinated actions between the different sectors/regions. Transnational cluster cooperation brings SMEs critical mass and enhances cross-regional collaboration to innovate for new products in the relevant areas of the Alpine Space.

Project outputs are: joint transnational cluster action plan and S3 stress test analysis of advanced, convergence and less advanced regions for agenda setting, strategy development and implementation – outline for a synchronised scheme – S3-based innovation model adapted to regional clusters – better framework conditions for companies through tested innovation model and services.

Quadruple helix benefits from these outputs to boost innovation. The work is jointly completed by pilot clusters, entrepreneurs, academics, and supported by public authorities, clusters and S3 experts.

Cluster policies will shift “to concentrate resources on the development of those activities that are likely to transform the existing economic structures through R&D and innovation”.

Transnational approach bundles the strengths of Alpine regions and SMEs towards smart innovation: they learn from each other through good and bad practices. S3 partners mutual knowledge facilitates framework conditions creation.

The outcomes of previous Interreg and existing S3 and their implementation will be taken into account.

Partners participating in the project are from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, France, Italy.