SME tool: make your proposal evaluate by an expert, 30/10/17, Turin

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Consultancy service designed to improve the quality of the Horizon 2020 SME tool proposals

The SME Tool is a measure funded by the European Commission to support SME innovation projects. With a multisectoral call open up to 2020, the measure provides for a three-stage structured non-repayable fund:

Phase 1 – Feasibility study of the design idea: non-repayable 50k €
Phase 2 – Development Activities: 70% of costs from 0.5m € to 2.5m €
Phase 3 – Services designed to support marketing and internationalization

The measure records a large number of sent proposals, but moderate success rates. The aim of the service is to improve the quality of the proposals, by providing to SMEs the opportunity to make their proposal analyse by independent experts selected by the European Commission.

To whom is the service addressed:

• Piedmontese and Valle d’Aosta SMEs intending to submit a proposal
• Proposals already submitted/in advanced phase of writing

How does the service work?

• The company submits the proposal
• The expert evaluates remotely and draws up a report
• Meeting between SMEs and an independent expert

Methods of participation and deadlines

• Registration by 23/10/17 at the following link


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