Proplast offers you the opportunity to participate in the ICTPlast course, a completely free training program, of which we are partners.

The course is aimed at technicians of SMEs in the plastics sector on the use of advanced ICT tools to improve skills in production planning.

Organization of the course:
6 modules separated by 15 hours each.

Course contents:
Module 1: Forecasting the application
• Predict the demand from the market and the company’s products

Module 2: Planning of aggregate production
• Choosing production capacity levels for long-term planning

Module 3: Production Program
• Planning the quantity and type of products to be produced over a medium-term time horizon

Module 4: Sequences of production operations
• Deciding in which order and quantity the products must be made and assembled during short-term planning

Module 5: Purchase planning
• Determining the purchase of raw materials, semi-finished products and components over a medium and short term time horizon

Module 6: Delivery Schedule
• Organizing the delivery of products in order to meet customer expectations, considering the management of orders, transport and logistics

Planning of training sessions:

Period of development: from the beginning of April to mid-June 2018

If you are interested in participating in all the modules or some, please forward your request by 28/02/2018 to the following address:

Data required:
– Company Name
– Surname and name of the employee participating in the course

For more information: