Funds for Internationalization

The Piedmont Region published the call for the participation of companies to supply chains integrated projects for internazionalization (PIF).
The main goal is to increase the level of internazionalization of the Piedmontese SMEs in the first eight productive supply chains of regional execellence: Aerospace, Automotive, Meccatronica, Green Chemical/Clean Tech, Health and Wellness, Textile, Agrifood and Clothing/High range/Design.
Overall, the Region is investing 12 M€ from 2017 to 2019 for this project. The adhesion to PIF is free and you can subscribe until March, 20th.
At the end of the selection, eligible SMEs will be contacted; the funding will be translated in reduction on prices for the participation costs at the ìinvestment activitiesî that will be offered in the context of each single project. This reduction will be calculated before, for each single action, with a maximum value for 2017 of 15.000 € for each enterprise for each PIF.

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